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The Team in Uganda

Ludovick and Lydia co-ordinate the activities of Serve Africa in Uganda

Ludovick and Lydia

Ludovick and Lydia are leaders of the Victorious Life Church in Mbalala, about 2km from the refugee camp at Kivuuvu. Lydia was originally a social worker, working with street children and Ludovick previously worked in a local hotel. They both come from the eastern part of Uganda, not far from the region the refugees fled from. About 6 years ago they started to build links with the people at Kivuuvu. Ludovick and Lydia administer the allocation of funds, co-ordinate with the camp and maintain links to the school and college where we have sent students. Lydia also leads the counseling that we are undertaking with the people at the camps. They work tirelessly and on a voluntary basis.

Rosette (Nurse) – Rosette provides basic medical care, holding surgeries each week, as well as looking after the primary school children. She undertakes basic instruction in health and hygiene, dealing with issues as diverse as HIV/Aids, malaria prevention, toilet practices and keeping hands clean before food preparation and eating.

Joel (Water Bailiff) – Joel maintains the water borehole pump, fills water containers for people to collect, looks after the rainwater facility and ensures water is available for washing at the latrines.

Mark (Construction Trainer) – Mark has run his own business for some years and over the last two years has been training younger men to undertake basic bricklaying, concreting and building activities. The group has also built a new latrine block at Camp B.




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